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Jolie Kristine Budau licensed esthetician

Prior to becoming a California Licensed Esthetician, Jolie Kristine Budau spent over 2 decades in dental medicine. Because of this background, clients can be assured that she operates a very sterile clinic, holding OSHA certifications and Healthcare Compliance.  Jolie’s interest in the human form and how the body works grew, so she turned her interest to skincare and earned her diploma and esthetics license in 2004.  As medicine is one of Jolie’s greatest loves, she began working with local Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists early in her career and maintains these working relationships today.  Oncology is also very near her heart and it led on another study voyage; certification from The Institute of Integrative Oncology via The Hoag Cancer Center. 

Working in an ever-evolving industry like esthetics, continuing education and advanced certification is incredibly important even to the most seasoned estheticians like Jolie. Though her primary work is as a Licensed Esthetician these days, Jolie maintains her dental licensure, as well. She’s combined these skills through study with master educator Yakov Gershkovich, receiving a double certification in Osteopathic Sculptural Face Lifting, a world renowned treatment coveted by many A-list celebrities. Jolie has traveled to Los Angeles and trained with Dina Ousley to become a Hollywood trained makeup artist as well as being a certified Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow artist. 

As a 3 time award winning Licensed Esthetician, her joy is fired by creating lifelong relationships with the people she works with and them placing trust in her healing hands. 

A look through Jolie’s eyes…

I feel my greatest strength with clients is weaving science, alchemy and intuition together.  I continue on this pilgrimage of learning to master treating each client as a whole, not a condition. I will always provide my clients with a state of the art experience, continued through health and healing.

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